Kenyan Anglican Men Association

Kenya Anglican Men’s Association is one of the departments that fall under the Board of Mission. The Department’s major role is to bring men together, those that are over the age of 25 years in serving the Lord using the talents given by God.

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Between 1977 & 1984, men started grouping together at ACK Thimbigua, across ACK Muongoiya. Other Churches started fathers’ fellowships across the Diocese and in 1985; the first group was enrolled by the late Bishop George Njuguna Muiru in a ceremony at ACK Kabete Mother Church.
By the year 2000, other Dioceses in the Province of Kenya started the similar fellowships. In August 2001, under retired Archbishop Dr. David M. Gitari, the fellowship was officially registered in the Provincial Synod as the Kenya Anglican Men’s Association. (K.A.M.A). 1st KAMA enrollment in the Diocese of Mt Kenya South was on 3rd September 2001 by retired Bishop Rt. Rev. Peter Njenga. Since then, a total of 7,000 members have been enrolled.

Committee Members
The Committee is composed of Chairman and a Coordinator, both appointees of the Bishop. The Coordinator is a full time officer. From each Archdeaconry, there are three members a Clergy and two other laity - from which a Treasure is elected.
The Bishop is the Patron of the association.
The following have been the Chairmen since 2001:
  • 1. Francis Kaniu - 1998
  • 2. Herman Njoroge as from 2004
  • 3. James Mbaatia Thande as from 2005
  • 4. Samuel Mwaura Gathunguri as from 2008.
The current Executive Committee from 2009 comprises the following:
  • Chairman -Mr. Samuel Gathunguri Mwaura
  • Vice Chairman -Mr. Charles Mburu Wainaina
  • Treasurer -Mr. James Njenga Kamau Njenga
  • Coordinator -Rev Ezibon Ngaruiya Gichuki
  • Writing Secretary - Mr. Kanene.
KAMA Major Projects include:
  • Ngong house – it is a rental house situated at ACK Emmanuel Church Ngong
  • ACK. Bishop Ranji Boys High School.
This is an on-going project. Members got concerned over the way boys were being eliminated in mixed secondary schools: the executive booked a meeting with the Bishop, Rt. Rev Timothy Ranji and discussed on building a school. It was agreed that the school was to be build at KAMA land which they had bought by March 2003 during the time of Retired Bishop Peter Njenga at a cost price of 3.5 million. It’s a six acres piece of land.
The Diocesan Bishop welcomed the idea and he himself supported by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro on 31st August - 5th September 2010. A total of Kshs.5.6 Million was raised. The work started on 11th February 2011 through ground breaking by Ven. Catherine Kang’ethe the Archdeacon of Sigona Archdeaconry. Up to date we have been able to build 4 classrooms, a dormitory and an administration block.
Plans for the year 2012 are to build a laboratory and a dining hall. A fundraising is planned on 22nd September 2012. The school has 19 boys students who are all boarders. The first admission was on 1st February 2012.

  • 1. Water; We have been relying on a local water project of which it cannot be able to sustain as the number of students increases. Donors and well wishers are welcome to assist in drilling a bore hole.
  • 2. Other structures; Being a new school, there so many structure needed .e.g. staff quarters, new classrooms, dormitories to accommodate a capacity of 480 students.
  • 3. School bus; As a secondary school, we need a bus for transport. There has been limited trips for the students as they travel for sports and other educational tours.
Initiation and Counselling for Boys and Girls
In collaboration with other departments, KAMA offers counseling sessions to boys and girls. This is by planning seminars for two weeks every December holidays and intensive counseling is given to these young ones while boys go under the rite of passage. Since the year 2003 over 5000 boys and 2000 girls have passed through our hands. This counseling is a challenge to the less privileged people for the cost of food and drugs are so high. Young people from poor families are not able to attend this seminar due to the high cost of payment Direct projects for Kama members
  • 1. Drama and music competitions rallies
  • 2. Sports competition
  • 3. Educational tours
  • 4. Local seminars
  • 5. Conferences
  • 6. Encouraging on local Church projects
  • 7. Weekly fellowships.