Kenya Anglican Youth Organization

A Strong Dynamic Anglican Youth boldly proclaiming Christ.

To reach and equip the Youth to transform Society with Gospel.

Core Values
Commitment, Integrity, Love, Trustworthiness, Humility, Compassion and Holiness

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Short History
The Kenya Anglican Youth Organization was started in the year 1962 by the then Bishop of Mt. Kenya Diocese The late Obadiah Kariuki. He started it with the aim of bringing young people to the Church of Christ. He had a great vision for young people and wanted a forum where they would be empowered in matters of faith and equipped to be soldiers of Christ. This department serves young people aged 15 years and above.
In the year 1964, the Bishop launched the Diocesan A.Y.O. at the St. Paul’s Mother Church Kabete and a youth committee was commissioned to carry on the herculian youth work in the Diocese. In the consequent Synod all other Bishops agreed to start A.Y.O. in their dioceses. The name was changed from A.Y.O. to KAYO to cover the entire country.
In the commissioning service of the youth organization, Bishop Kariuki highlighted the following:-
  • (a) The need for the Church to relate to and respect the young people as persons. (1 Tim 4:12)
  • (b) Help the youths to develop a positive self image in Jesus Christ.
  • (c) The need for the Church leadership to accept the youths as they are. (1 Cor. 9:22)
  • (d) Establish a close relationship. 1Thes. 2:8 - be with them rather than be like them.
  • (e) Provide spiritual authority (work with them not just for them).
The Bishops in the province took youth work very seriously and discussed the youth agenda in all their important meetings. The Rev. Alfred Chipman, who later became the Bishop of Mt. Kenya West was sent to the Diocese of Mt. Kenya as a full time youth worker. This was a major boost to the youth ministry as he did exemplary good work. His efforts yielded in every parish and congregation formed KAYO groups. Every parish now has a functional KAYO group. Every diocese has a youth worker namely Diocesan Youth Organizer (D.Y.O.) An appointee of the Bishop and a chairperson appointed by the Standing Committee of the Synod. The Diocesan leadership is helped by the Diocesan Executive Committee comprising of the DYO, chairman and all the Archdeaconry chairpersons and clergy coordinators within the Diocese. The other leadership committees include the KAYO parish council, Deanery youth council and the Archdeaconry KAYO council.
To be admitted to KAYO membership one must attain the age of 15 years and above; practicing Christian and a church member. Youth is the most energetic group both physically and emotionally. It’s also the most delicate and slippery group. If their energies are tapped, harnessed and well utilized they can be a great blessing to church and society. If not they are the most vulnerable grouped because their energies can be abused. The Church has tried to direct young people’s energies in the right direction for the glory of God by involving them in church activities like missions, evangelism, sports, drama and music festivals. Preaching and leading services and in work camps and conferences.
Every Diocese has been having its programs with activities like keshas, walks, hikes, get-togethers and annual gatherings commonly known as conferences. At the Provincial level we have an annual gathering dubbed Provincial Conference that is attended by delegates from all 32 dioceses of our country. The provincial committee headed by the provincial chairman appointed by the Archbishop chooses topics and speakers to specialize in various subjects. These always include the exposition of the provincial theme from the word of God or a particular book of the Bible by a biblical scholar. The Provincial Youth Conference rotates to different centers throughout the country and attracts many university students and young working people as well as school pupils.

Some youth groups have initiated income generating projects. The KAYO motto is:
“Be Strong in the Lord” Eph. 6:10.

Its Anthem is:-
OO KAYO, Mashahidi wa Yesu Chama kikuu, chenye kusudi kubwa Kinawapendeza vijana, wasichana na wavulana OO KAYO Mashahidi wa Yesu.
The KAYO prayer is:-
Teach us good Lord to serve you with all our strength, body, soul and mind. To love you and rejoice in you always. To offer our services without counting the cost.

The KAYO promise is:-
I promise to serve Jesus Christ all the days of my life To pray and read the Bible each day, to reach out to the other young people Especially K.A.Y.O members and to abide by the rules of the group.

The KAYO objectives are:-
  • 1. To bring young people to know, to love Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • 2. To build up young people in the knowledge and behavior of the Christian faith, the Bible being the foundation.
  • 3. To educate young people in good Christian character and to encourage them to be leaders of the Church.
  • 4. To help the Church understand its responsibility towards young people.
The formation of the youth group was sometimes met with problems through lack of understanding from the adult church leaders. They saw the energetic youth singers, with instruments such as drums and guitars as a challenge to their work. They refused to allow young people to preach and to contribute in their meetings. We must now praise the Lord! That is over and the young people have now, 50 years later, a place which is unquestioned in Christ’s Church in Kenya. The KAYO can now boast that most of the Bishops over 70% now were D.Y.O.s and are KAYO products, 95% of all clergy were members of KAYO, over 90% of all church elders were members of KAYO, roots of senior politicians in our nation can be traced in KAYO and most of the workforce in our country were once and are members of the KAYO.

Current Projects
We resolved to first build a financial base where every parish on 1st July will bring Kshs 5,000. The KAYO executive will sit down on June 21st and resolve on the intended project. As for now I wait for the decision and resolution we will make then.
On Spiritual projections we have been having Archdeaconry fellowships and so far I have visited Sigona Archdeaconry, Githunguri, Karura and Kiriita Archdeaconries. The DYO’s Archdeaconry visit are going on and the next on line is Limuru Archdeaconry followed by Riruta, Kabete, Kirangari, Ngong, Kiambaa, Cathedral and Uthiru Archdeaconries.
The next main Event ahead includes Diocesan KAYO Annual investment Sunday to be held on 1st July 2012. We are privileged to be Co-hosting the Provincial Conference with Nairobi Diocese at Senior Chief Girls High School in Kiambaa. This will be a major event as in this dept we are celebrating 50 years of our existence. In this event we intend to host our Archbishop as we will hold the memorial service of our late Mt. Kenya Bishop Rt Revd Obadiah Kariuki. We have invited his son justice Paul Kihara Kariuki to give the key note address. We will also remember Rt Revd Bishop Muge (late) for he was a KAYO chairman and his death coincides with this year’s provincial conference. The dates are 13th to 18th Aug 2012.
The next event online is the Diocesan youth Sunday scheduled 2nd Sept 2012. This day will be marked all over the Diocese. This year’s theme is taken from 1st chr 28:20. Be strong and courageous and do the work, do not be discouraged for the lord my God is within you.
The next event is the Diocesan Thanksgiving Day Scheduled on 7th Oct 2012. This will be our Diocesan day marking 50 years of KAYO existence. We intend to call all 1st and 2nd generation kayo members who are alive and hold this major Celebration at Bishop Kariuki Centre. We shall light the candle of Jubilee Celebrations and every parish will come with Kshs 3,000 as our usual Annual Thanksgiving Contribution. The KAYO Dept humbly requests the Diocesan Bishop to Grace this occasion and be the Guest Preacher. All the former DYO’s and Chairman will be requested to turn up in this major event. All persons who have made enormous contribution in this department will be recognized and standing ovation made for them. It’s a major event we look forward to.
The next event on line is Mt. Kenya Regional Festivals dubbed Talent Show. The preparations are on course and materials have been given out. The Diocesan finals will be on 3rd Nov at Ndurarua. The Regional level will be 23rd Nov 2012 at Nyeri. We are doing all we can to mobilize all Diocese to participate.
The next event will be End of Year Conference which will take place towards the end of the year. The Executive Committee will deliberate the Venue and dates during our next meeting. The dates have to change from what is in our programme due to the changes effected earlier in the year by the school curriculum. The venue will either be Ndumberi high school or Ol-laiser high school.
The last event for this year will be Our Mercy Seat Kesha 31st Dec 2012. The venue is subject to confirmation.