Theological Education By Extension

A Strong Self-Sustaining TEE Programme/Department that is efficient in managing the process of empowering Christians in theological issues and sound doctrine.

To mobilize, challenge, educate church leaders on the word of God and matters of life with the view of making them better servants of God and Humanity.

Core Values
Integrity –The church leader should embrace this godly attribute as a life style
Psalm 25: 21. “The integrity of the upright shall guide them”

Dedication-God expects the best from His servants. Hard work and effort in all aspects of life bear much fruit. 2 Timothy 4:15 “Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress”

Accountability-Every Christian is expected to be responsible for action or decision and is expected to explain them when they are asked. Job 31:37 “I will give him an account for my every step”

Holiness and Love – the ultimate goal for every Christian is to a holy life that brings love and goodwill toward others John 13:35; 1Corinthians 13:38 “Love never fail

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Diocese of Mt. Kenya owe many thanks to the Father of T.E.E. Fred Holland and the very many other players. Theological Education by Extension (T.E.E) programme is now clearly established as a vigorous and creative form of education for preparation for Ministry. In the 1960’s Christianity in Africa was described as “a mile long and an inch deep” this means that conversion must be accompanied by rooting in the word of God. Since the beginning of T.E.E. in Guatemala Latin America, in 1963 it has continued to grow. T.E.E is widely used in Africa, India, South America and Southeast Asia. The success of T.E.E. can be attributed to the fact that practical ministry preparation is a major emphasis in the program. Because T.E.E is primarily concerned with training for spiritual formation, we need to understand what we mean by T.E.E., Ministry and its relevance to our own situation.
Our Bishop’s vision and the diocesan strategic direction is to have T.E.E groups in eve parish in the Diocese. He would like to see Christians study the word of God and equipped for ministry. As God’s people in Diocese of Mt Kenya South learn and act upon God’s word, it will bring revival in the church and positive change in the secular world T.E.E programme accommodates everyone whatever the academic level, many professionals now are aware of the essential philosophy; principles and methodology of T.E.E have shown great interest and have embraced this method of training for ministry. We encourage every Christian, more so from Diocese of Mt. Kenya South to reflect upon the contribution, validity and importance of advancing the Faith understandings of the “ Lex Orandi Lex Credendi” *(Latin tag meaning the law of mutual interaction of prayer and the law of belief produces better worshippers). T.E.E. is a means of improving, developing and nurturing the church in its authentic walk with Christ so that the applied word of God will have a positive impact on our lives and society.

A Brief History T.E.E In The Diocese of Mt. Kenya South
Theological Education by Extension started as a result of the Diocese facing a situation of growth, where too many Christians had too few trained clergy to guide and shepherd them. To illustrate to this point, it is significant to put it in record that in late 1980’s there were over a hundred and thirty(130) congregations in the Diocese and just over /about fifty (50) clergy.
Because of the pressure within the Diocese, were calling it to an examination of its relevance to the spiritual life in which it found itself especially its laity formation wanting. After noticing the dire need for laity formation in the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South, the Bishop acknowledged the significance of extending theological knowledge to the laity of our Diocese by appointing a part time TEE Director with effect from January 1990.

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